Developer(s) NG:DEV.TEAM
Publisher(s) NG:DEV.TEAM
Designer(s) Timm Hellwig
René Hellwig
Composer(s) Rafael Dyll
Platform(s) Neo Geo
Release date(s) Neo Geo
March 26, 2012
June 21, 2012
Genre(s) Run 'n gun
Mode(s) Single player

Gunlord is a side scrolling run 'n gun video game for the Neo Geo and Sega Dreamcast developed by NG:DEV.TEAM.


Gunlord features 9 non-linear stages boasting 16-bit hand drawn graphics with constant 60fps. It has Internet ranking via code.

Dreamcast versionEdit

Compatible with VMU, VGA and Arcade Sticks


The game was first hinted upon by René Hellwig during a joint interview with Dreamcast-Scene and other Dreamcast fan sites on September 9, 2010.[1][2]


Classic Game Room's review called the game "unbelievably good" and "an obvious 2012 game of the year contender".[1] Before achieving the feat on December 13th.[2]

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