Neo Drift Out
Neo Drift Out
Neo Geo CD cover
Developer(s) Visco Corporation
Publisher(s) Visco Corporation
Distributor(s) Visco Corporation
Series Drift Out
Platform(s) Neo Geo
Neo Geo CD
Release date(s)
  • JP July 26, 1996
Genre(s) Racing
Mode(s) Single-player
Media/distribution 106-megabit cartridge

Neo Drift Out is a top-down perspective racing video game by Visco Corporation for the Neo Geo and Neo Geo CD consoles. It is the fourth title in Visco's Drift Out series.


Pull the joystick in a direction to steer and maneuver the car. Press the A button to accelerate. Press the B button to put on the brakes.

The player has a choice of either a Mitsubishi Lancer, a Subaru Impreza or a Toyota Celica each with their own different levels of Speed, Control and Body stats. To start off the player has to win the Practice Stage. In each racing stage, the player needs to get to the finish line in the shortest time possible. If the clock hits zero, the player loses and the game is over unless they can continue. While driving, the time is hindered by barrels, puddles, slippery ice, cones and other obstacles in the player's path. Even other cars driving can be an obstacle. Also the player has to keep straight when driving up slopes, or the car will swurve and crash. The player can gain more time if they make it through checkpoints in between the starting and finishing points. The player can also take shortcuts. Before making a turn, the player will always get an immediate warning on the screen with a voice saying which direction the player ought to turn and certain warnings.

There are a total of seven stages in the game: The Practice Stage, The European Stage, The African Stage, The Snow Land Stage, The Southern Hemisphere Stage, The Scandinavian Stage and the Great Britain Stage.

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