Developer(s) System Vision
Publisher(s) Saurus
Composer(s) Hideki Suzuki
Platform(s) Arcade, Neo-Geo, Neo-Geo CD, Sega Saturn, Virtual Console
Release date(s) July 26, 1996
Genre(s) Fighting

Ragnagard, known in Japan as Shin-Oh-Ken (神凰拳 lit. "God Phoenix Fist"?), is 2D arcade fighting game developed by System Vision and published by Saurus for the Neo-Geo arcade, Neo-Geo CD and Sega Saturn. Although sometimes known as Operation Ragnagard, the name is unofficial and was mistakenly mixed with Operation Ragnarök, the Japanese title of another Neo-Geo title, Zed Blade.


Ports and related releasesEdit

Ragnagard was later ported to the Neo-Geo AES, the home console version of the Neo-Geo MVS. This version features limited continues and different difficulty settings. This version was later re-released through the Wii's Virtual Console exclusively in Japan. Ragnagard was also ported to the Neo-Geo CD exclusively in Japan, which this version features an improved intro, slightly cleaner background music, and a few other tweaks. This version of Ragnagard was later ported to the Sega Saturn also exclusively in Japan. This version features a few new modes and control customization, while some of the game's graphics and gameplay were improved and altered. Unlike the arcade version, in which the player could play as one of the bosses by entering a cheat code, the Neo-Geo CD and Sega Saturn versions allowed the player to play as the bosses only by entering the versus mode.

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